E46 Subframe Reinforcement kit
E46 Subframe reinforcement plates
E46 subframe failure
E46 subframe reinforcement

E46 Subframe/RACP to Chassis Rail Plates

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Due to popular demand we have designed a cheap yet effective and hidden solution to correct the biggest flaw and major contributor to ongoing subframe/RACP failure in the E46 chassis. 
This kit is designed for those who want to do more than just underside plates with a budget friendly and hidden topside solution.

To put it simply, the section of the unibody the rear two subframe mounts bolt into does not contact the chassis rails. The formed and spot welded hollow section shrinks down into a single layer of sheet metal in all directions making it entirely suspended much like when you stand on a trampoline. 
As a result, a large amount of chassis flex occurs in this section of the RACP and due to a lack of structure, leads to cracking in the sheet metal beyond underside reinforcement plates.

This kit closes that gap and links the frame rail directly to the hollow section of the RACP for a more direct transfer of stress offering greater rigidity and massively reducing stress on the problem areas.