E46 Rear Weld In Beam
E46 Rear Weld In Beam

E46 Rear Weld In Beam

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Suits all E46 shapes.

This is our next generation of E46 topside subframe mount/RACP reinforcement kits!

Designed for those wanting a completely hidden yet comprehensive reinforcement, this solution will give you the peace of mind that your E46 chassis is permanently resolved ready to be driven the way it should be regardless of suspension setup or driving style. 

This kit is a precision engineered, weld-in reinforcement for the topside of the rear two, rear subframe mounts designed to provide a more direct transfer of stress from the subframe mounts to the chassis rails while increasing the vertical cross section and thus structural rigidity across the entire width of the Rear Axle Carrier Panel (RACP).

For those with a coupe chassis we also offer a topside solution for the front two, rear subframe mounts for a comprehensive fix. Both front and rear have optional braces for further torsional chassis rigidity. 

Note: Please be certain that our E46 Stage 1.5 Chassis Rail Plates are already purchased installed before selecting that option. The kit cannot be installed without them.

If you'd like to research the E46 RACP issues or better understand certain modifications, Click Here to see our tech article!