BMW E46 fire extinguisher bracket

Fire Extinguisher Mount

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Safety is an aspect of Motorsport that cannot be taken more serious and if your car is modified or not, having a fire extinguisher on board is a small investment that may one day save you from a huge loss. 

Designed to suit our bucket seat mounts, this light weight aluminium bracket is capable of supporting a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher and weighs only 240 grams (0.5lb) and has undergone Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations in order to confirm it is capable of supporting the 25G impact requirements outlined in CAMS regulations without yielding.

Available extinguisher mounting hole centres (mm):
(94.25-104.75), (107.5-118), (120.75-131.25), (134-144.5), (147.25-157.75)