BMW E46 bonnet vent
BMW E46 bonnet vent

E46 Non-M/M3 GTR Bonnet Vent - Small

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Releasing this heat through the bonnet of a car is a great way to reduce engine bay temps, reduce front lift and promote airflow through the radiator for more efficient cooling allowing you to feel more confident in your machine when giving it some track time. 

The CMP bonnet vents are installed from beneath with either rivets or epoxy and designed specially for the E46 chassis to maintain under bonnet airflow where it is needed then expel it directly above the exhaust manifold to promote natural convection at a stand still. 

This vent option is smaller than our M3 only option  in order to accommodate Non-M E46's yet retains the same cut profile and rivet locations as our larger vent and thus can be also be used on M3's who may want to opt for the larger version down the track. 

Installation is as simple as lining up the unfolded vent tabs against the bonnet bracing to take the guess work out of getting the correct position and angle followed by drilling some holes and connecting the dots with a rotary tool before bending to the desired angle of attack and painting.