E30 Solid Subframe Bush
E30 Solid Subframe Raising bush
E30 Solid Diff Bush
E30 diff spacers

E30 Solid Subframe Bundle

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This bundle includes all the parts necessary to upgrade your subframe and diff bushes to the best they can be with a small saving!

Included are our 12mm Solid Subframe Raising Bushes, Our 12mm Diff Spacers & Solid Diff Bush.

This combination provides the best performance possible with improved static camber and roll centre geometry with reductions in wheel hop and undesirable geometry changes as well as improving chassis rigidity as the subframe and diff contribute their stiffness to the unibody structure much like a strut brace.

All parts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and are anodised in CMP purple for corrosion resistance with all necessary fasteners included.