CMP E46 M3 Solid Differential Bushes

$199.00 AUD

These bushes are a solid alternative and direct replacement to the OE units.

They are designed to eliminate all unwanted differential movements to provide the most direct response to driver inputs while reducing wheel hop. These are a must for any serious track or drift spec E46 M3!

These bushes are made from 6061 Aluminium and designed with lightness in mind with unique features yet, remain very rigid.



These bushes are recommended for track use only as solid diff bushes transfer an immense amount of diff whine and chatter into the cabin.

If you are looking to improve the handling dynamics of your E46 chassis, CMP strongly encourages starting with our Solid Subframe Raising Bushes paired with stock diff bushes. This is a proven combination that outperforms any poly setup yet maintains OE Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH).

As a recomendation, the full threaded factory front diff bush can be swapped out for a generic partially threaded 10.8G, M14 x 1.5 x 60mm bolt from a local bolt shop. This prevents the possability of the threads gouging into the aluminium bore of the front diff bush over time.


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