About us

My name is Cayn, I am an Australian mechanical engineer and a very passionate E46 M3 owner.

Having purchased my 2002 E46 M3 back in September of 2015 I have gone through the wringer tackling all the notorious maintenance issues this car suffers such as rod bearing, vanos, diff clunk, SMG pumps and most of all subframe issues. 

In late 2015 I discovered that my M3 had suffered quite badly from cracking at the rear subframe mounts and applied my skills and resources to repair the issue with what was available at the time.
During the first couple years of ownership I came to discover that plating the subframe mounts was not a sufficient reinforcement. Spending much of my time further analysing the RACP structure and other aspects of the E46 chassis eventually lead to the development of a new topside reinforcement and CMP Auto Engineering's first product. 

Thanks to interest and the incredible support from the local BMW community I took what was originally intended to be a once off DIY project for my own car and converted it into a detailed CAD model that could be mass produced and applied to register CMP Auto Engineering as a business in September 2016.

With what felt like a huge investment at the time, CMP began trading on January 1st 2017 with 9 units of a single product in stock. 

As interest grew in what I had to offer so did demand for other reinforcement products eventually making me a specialist in the field of E46 subframe/RACP repair and reinforcement. This natural growth eventually expanded into other exciting aspects of  automotive engineering such as suspension design. 

At the time CMP was a side project operated entirely outside normal work hours with no intention of being anything more however, that all changed thanks to a huge amount of interest and support from the worldwide M3 owners community resulting in a group buy in early 2019 that grew far beyond my initial expectations. 

Prompted by a lack of excitement in my current place of work and the small success CMP had experienced during the 2018-2019 financial year, the decision was made to pursue my passion for automotive engineering and become self employed full time.

With the money made from the previous financial year, I sub-let a small corner of unused space in a commercial warehouse, purchased a hoist & tools as well as another E46 this time being a manual 320ci and set about to grow this small business. 
All the products sold by CMP Auto Engineering are of my own design, developed from scratch using measurements taken from my own vehicles (and on occasion a friends when they don't mind me borrowing theirs), here on the Gold Coast in SE QLD, Australia.

I am incredibly grateful for the amazing BMW community who have given me the opportunity and confidence to take a chance on myself and pursue a life ambition and continue to support me with their business.
I will always aim to help my fellow enthusiasts and only develop the best products possible for the community and in doing so hope to keep the dream alive!