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E30/E36 Rod End Adjustable Caster Bush

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If you're wanting to maximise the performance of your E30/E36 then our Adjustable Rod End Caster Bushings are a perfect addition to help you dial in your front suspension. 

This bushing eliminates the weak and very flexible front control arm bushes in favour of a solid connection for greater link rigidity with no suspension binding in addition to providing a significant range of caster adjustment to perfect your setup. 
In cases where extreme caster is desirable for front jacking at high steering angles, the chassis mounting block is able to accommodate a M20 x 1.5 grub screw wound into the opposite end allowing the jam nut to be removed for an additional 10mm of adjustment. 

Designed to suit the factory front control arms or many aftermarket alternatives, this design utilises a 20mm Teflon/Kevlar lined ultra high performance heat treated chromoly steel rod end capable of supporting 107kN in static force.

if you intend to drive your car in all conditions, then please ask as about our rod end boots. These can seal the entire bearing in a rubber boot to protect it from the elements and extend you bearing life!