E8XE9X Non-M Adjustable Toe Arms
E8XE9X Non-M Adjustable Toe Arms
E8XE9X Non-M Adjustable Toe Arms

E8XE9X Non-M Adjustable Toe Arms

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Fits: All E8X & E9X Non-M 1 & 3 Series BMW's.

-Provides consistent toe geometry (stability)
-Increases rear toe adjustment (Suspension Tune-ability)
-Free pivoting spherical bearing (no suspension binding)
-Must have upgrade for all modern Non-M BMW's (Control)
Note: A bearing mounted toe arm will not increase NVH.

- No rod ends boots, bearing exposed to elements
- Yes rod end boots, to seal the bearing from moisture & dirt ingress

-6061-T6 Aluminium - Anodised Black (control arm)
-304 Stainless Steel (bearing spacers)
-Chromoly steel 2-piece, Teflon lined rod ends + Jam nuts

The major performance gain from these control arms isn't that their adjustable but rather that they replace the very soft and short lived rubber bushes found in all modern Non-M BMW's toe arms. While the 1M/M3's of this generation had solid bearing mounted toe arm, the Non-M's had to live with very unpredictable & undesirable changes in toe resulting in significant rear steer when trying to put power down or brake hard. 

Upgrading to our toe arms will provide far more constant toe geometry for better rear wheel grip in all driving scenario's.

Rubber rod end boots will seal the bearings from the elements and brake dust to maximise the bearings lifespan.