E46 Front Bolt In Brace
E46 Front Bolt In Brace

E46 Front Bolt In Brace

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Suits E46 coupe's and Sedans with Front Weld In Beam installed.

This is our next generation of E46 topside subframe mount/RACP reinforcement kits!

Made from light weight aluminium and weighing only 1.56kg this brace is designed to mimic the dividing wall in most E46 sedans that contributed a 33% increase in torsional rigidity over their coupe counterparts.
This bolt in structure is the ultimate solution to increasing torsional rigidity with minimal weight compromise while further reinforcing the front two, rear subframe mounts on the E46 chassis.

Best of all, this brace is designed to fit flush against the rear seats in their upright position sacrificing no cabin or boot space in the process!
This brace is sold in raw aluminium with instructions and all fasteners necessary included.

If you'd like to research the E46 RACP issues or better understand certain modifications, Click Here to see our tech article!