E30 subframe bush
E30 solid subframe bush
E30 solid subframe raising bush
E30 subframe raising bush

E30 Solid Subframe Raising Bushes

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Solid Subframe Raising bushings are a very simple yet effective way of tightening up the back end of your car while also replacing some very likely worn out, old rubber. 

These bushings are machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and designed to raise the rear subframe on the E30 chassis a true 12mm to correct static camber  and improve roll centre geometry for better grip. 

Hard mounting the rear subframe to the chassis reduced wheel hop and undesirable changes in suspension geometry resulting from bushing flex while also improving chassis rigidity as the subframe now braces the unibody structure much like a strut brace.

In order to maintain alignment on the differential bushing, our 12mm diff spacers are required and it is strongly recommended that the differential is mounted using a Solid Diff Bush to avoid bending on the mounting studs.