E30 Solid Subframe Bush
E30 Solid Subframe Raising bush
E30 Solid Diff Bush
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E30 Solid Subframe Bundle

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This bundle includes all the bushings necessary to overhaul your rear subframe and diff bushes to the best they can be with a small saving!

These bushes make the back end feel tight, rigid and responsive improving the control and feedback to the driver for a superior driving experience whether cruising around town or pushing your limits on track. 

These solid subframe bushings raise the subframe 12mm relative to the chassis to correct static camber and roll centre geometry from lowering the E30 chassis in order to reduce body roll, increase rear wheel grip while also straightening out the prop shaft and axles on lowered cars.
Due to the diff being hard mounted to the subframe on E30's, these bushings do increase in Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) slightly compared to stock rubber however, are comparable to poly/plastic yet offer superior performance due to aluminium being a stiffer material. 

Included are our 12mm Solid Subframe Raising Bushes, Our 12mm Diff Spacers & Solid Diff Bush.