E8X/E9X Adjustable Camber Arms
E8X/E9X Adjustable Camber Arms

E8X/E9X Adjustable Camber Arms

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If you've lowered your car and require greater adjustment than the factory eccentric bolts offer or want to improve the handling in the back end by removing rubber bushings, then CMP's solid mounted adjustable camber arms should be at the top of your list. 

These arms fit all M and Non-M cars to provide a range of adjustment equating to several degrees of camber change depending on your ride height and setup. We suggest pairing these arms with our adjustable guide arms. 

Our camber arms are made of 6061-T6 Aluminium that is bored hollow making them extremely light at 2/3 the weight of the popular M3/1M control arms and 1/2 the weight of Non-M sheet metal arms. in addition to being several times more rigid.
The bearings are M14 chromoly steel, PTFE lined rod ends sourced from the UK with stainless steel misalignment spaces.

If your car is used in all weather conditions then why not add rubber rod end boots to seal the bearings from the elements to maximise their lifespan.