E46 M3 front splitter

E46 M3 Front Splitter Chassis Mounts

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Whether you're chasing race car performance or the race car look, a front splitter is both a functional and aesthetic modification that if designed well can improve down-force and reduce drag. 

Designed to accept any 6mm thick splitter material, the CMP splitter seals the front bumper without a lip spoiler, is easily removable and specifically designed to not require other components to be removed, cut or modified to fit. 

Our chassis mounts have undergone thorough analysis with many Finite Element Analysis (FEA) iterations in order to maximise strength and minimise weight. Made from only 2mm steel, our tests have proven that our chassis mounts can support a combine weight of 360kg (800lb) without yielding. 

Splitter panel sold separately. Chassis mounts include template to DIY cut your own panel from your desired material.