CMP E46/E36/Z4 Monoball RTA bushes

$349.00 AUD

The CMP AE monoball Rear Trailing Arm (RTA) bushing is ideal solution for any BMW E46/E36/Z4 owner wanting to maximise the handling characteristics and stability of their vehicle by eliminating ‘rear steer’, suspension binding, possible RTA pocket failure as well as improving the responsiveness to throttle input and braking.

This bushing upgrade utilises a BMW OEM rubber boot sealed, lubricated spherical bearing manufactured by Lemforder, (#3067901) within an entirely unique 6061 aluminium housing designed to encloses against both sides of the RTA and the bearing rather than depending on friction alone eliminating the potential for slippage to occur. This bearing is designed to last well over a hundred thousand kilometres even for extreme use likely being the best and last rear trailing arm bushing you will ever install!

From our personal experience pairing these RTA bushings with our Solid Rear Subframe Raising bushes & Solid Steering Coupler (for RHD vehicles) with stock OEM bushes creates the ultimate street-able handling setup far beyond any polyurethane or polyethylene plastic bushing to date while often being more comfortable with less Noise Vibration or Harshness (NVH). 
We use this exact setup in our daily driven test M3 and is a must for anyone who likes to visit the track or drive their vehicles properly. 

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