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CMP E46 6-Point Race Brace


The CMP E46 6-Point Race Brace is the ultimate E46 chassis stiffening brace and the final stage of our RACP/subframe mount reinforcement solutions.
This brace increases chassis stiffness in the back end significantly and further reinforces the rear subframe mounts as well as the rear shock towers by triangulating all six point loads.

This kit still maintains a completely original cabin interior requiring no adjustment or modification made to the rear seats for stock interior comfort and aesthetics. Complete boot functionality also remains as the brace is entirely bolt in and removable in the event the rear seats need to be folded down to transport large objects. In such an event the rear subframe mounts are still reinforced by the kits welded in beneath the brace. 

The 6-point race brace is sold in kit form only and needs to be assembled and welded together by the customer, much like a roll cage. The brace itself also requires the CMP AE Topside Beam kit & Front Mount Extension kit to be installed prior.

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This kit includes the tubular brace structure shown in the images above only.

This kit fits Coupe’s with the CMP AE Topside beam kit & Front Mount Extension kit installed only. For other E46 chassis variants, the brace can be modified to a 4-point design to suit. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 105 x 11 x 11 cm


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