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CMP E46 Topside Beam Kit – RACP Reinforcement


This kit is a precision engineered, weld-in solution to reinforce the the notorious E46 ‘subframe’ and provide an unparalleled increase in chassis rigidity.

When paired with underside reinforcement plates the combination eliminates the possibility of initial and future failure at and around the rear subframe mounts by correcting a variety of design defects present in E46 3-series BMW Rear Axle Carrier Panel (RACP).

Unlike other low lying load relief systems for the rear subframe mounts, our kit provides exponentially more rigidity due to a superior integration into the factory structure and greater cross sectional area for higher bending inertia. Given all suspension components including the springs thus weight of the car act on the rear subframe, this is a critical area to increase chassis rigidity resulting in a tighter, better handling vehicle.

Every Topside Beam kit purchased from CMP Auto Engineering includes extended fasteners, a long series drill bit and guide to extend the factory bolt holes without damaging the thread and a very comprehensive 22 page, spiral bound installation manual detailing each step of the installation over 51 images. This kit is suited to both experienced specialists and DIY repairers.
Our goal is to ensure that every repair is permanent and reliable.

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This kit envelops the top face of the Rear Axle Carrier Panel (RACP) and directly links the threaded insert within to the chassis rails via vertical tubes into a newly introduced member positioned between the existing rails in a ‘H’ configuration.

In addition to the corrected load path, the kit integrates into the existing structure forming a open ended universal beam in cross section rather than two members bending in parallel to further magnify the increased structural rigidity.

The combination of this kit with underside plates provides a complete comprehensive top and bottom reinforcement for E46 convertibles, sedans and wagons.

For coupe’s & sedans with split folding rear seats, the sheet metal beneath the rear bench seat is prone to separate form the chassis rails due to the reduced rear bulkhead structure.

CMP Auto Engineering offers a Front Mount Extension Kit designed specifically for E46 3-series BMW’s with split folding rear seats that expands on the topside beam kit to incorporate the front two, rear subframe mounts to address problem areas specific to these E46 shapes.

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Weight 8.8 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 100 cm


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